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Young people’s eyes on democracy and
the European Parliament elections 2024

Programme main goal is to raise the awareness of young voters, to ensure compliance with the principles of fair play in election campaigns and a respectful attitude towards the voter, and to strengthen democracy by improving young adults’ and middle age people’s knowledge about the role of the democratic process in our everyday life, citizens right and obligations and enhance youth engagement in the electoral process.



the main objective is to raise awareness among young voters, to improve young adults’ and middle-aged people’s understanding of the democratic process in our daily lives, the involvement of young people in the electoral process and the role of fair and open elections, thereby ensuring fair play in election campaigns and a respectful attitude towards voters and strengthening democracy in Estoni.


The main aim of the public consultation is to raise awareness among the target group of the project about key issues affecting their lives, as well as those affecting the country and Europe, to engage in dialogue between politicians and community members, to educate and advocate people’s needs, concerns and to try to find solutions. Each public debate will focus on the key issues of concern to young adults and middle-aged people: 1) socio-economic stability and unemployment, 2) education policy and inclusion of vulnerable groups, 3) security and democracy issues, 4) hate speech and equality.


The main aim of the Election Watchdog programme is to openly communicate to the Russian-speaking population the European election campaign for the Parliament in 2024, which should be fair and substantive and draw attention to unethical practices. Election watchdogs will keep an eye on election campaigns and their compliance with good electoral practice. Every week, the election watchdogs will make their own summaries of campaign events and content, i.e. the election watchdogs will take a more critical look at politicians’ statements and election promises, with an emphasis on the importance of argumentation.


The annual conference “Youth’s look at democracy and the European elections 2024: afterwords” will take place on 14 June 2024 in Tallinn. At the confrence we will discuss the main challenges in strengthening democracy and how the results of the European elections 2024 will affect Estonia and its people, as well as enhance networking and collaboration opportunities for young adults and the organisations involved, and look at future local initiatives and follow-up activities organised by recently grown-up youth and community leaders. This will also be a motivational event, so we hope to see the programme continue in the next elections.


The main goal is to provide useful information and balanced guidance on the electoral process, citizens’ responsibilities and democracy. The content (in Estonian and Russian) of the materials includes: Why vote? How to learn about politics? How to learn how to vote? How to learn how to vote? Elections in Estonia and in Europe; Special: voting from the age of 16; Proportional versus first-past-the-post; Voting electronically (e-voting); Voting rights for all in Estonia? Election observation in Estonia and in Europe; Election campaign and election forecasts, and important links and material tips. Webpage and educational video will be published.